Friday, 15 June 2012

Small, Beautiful, Practical

With my next sale approaching, I decided I wanted some small items for my stall and so have come up with these coasters which are hand knitted in Summery, random, cotton yarn and are backed with this really pretty cotton floral - courtesy of a dress bought at a car boot sale for £1 - and there is still plenty more to use!

They look so bright and cheerful and are really practical as the knitting gives them the padding they need and they can be used either side up. 

I couldn't resist photographing them with my retro tumblers - 6 bought at another car boot sale for £1.50 and I use them every day!  No dishwashing mind!!

More coasters are on the way, plus I think I am getting the traditional patch working bug back, and have decided to make lots of hexagonal and square patches and just see where I go from there.

My aunt taught me when I was in my teens, and I taught her daughter later on.  I have really gone off the boil since, but seeing so much super patchwork on all these great blogs has really got me thinking again - and although it is much slower than using a machine - I really do prefer sitting and hand sewing - it just goes hand in hand with knitting.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Your little coasters are so sweet and I love the retro glasses. They go so well together. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine.