Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This Saturday's Fair

My second Fair is now nearly here and consequently, the 'To Do' list is very high at the moment.

Above is one of my Hand Knit blankets - would be super for a little boy's room, and also the checked cushion which was made from vintage seersucker napkins.  The lined basket has found a home in my bathroom!

Brownies are in the oven at the moment - and smelling really good - and when   they are cooked and I have done my computer bits for the day, I am off to do a leaflet drop in Great Addington to remind everyone about the Fair.

This afternoon, I have some more coasters to finish and hope to do that while having a quick look at Ascot - I do love both the fashions and the horses!  I also have a bit more bunting to run up, and I would like to do some covered notebooks - a little pic of one on my earlier blog.

Tomorrow will be more baking and keeping in touch with my stall holders and Friday, a bit more baking, thinking what to take for my stall and packing and so, I'll be back afterwards!

P.S.  The cake below, Raspberry and Walnut Loaf courtesy of a Bonne Marie recipe card, will also be appearing in the form of a little refreshment to be served by husband Bill and update - the Brownies are out of the oven now - hard to resist, but I must!

Lots of lovely ladies selling their goodies at the Fair and so do pop along if you have a moment - I'm sure you will find something you can't resist.

So - The Hand-Crafted Home Fair - Great Addington Village Hall - Saturday 23 June from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Don't be square   etc. etc.  - Oh so corny  !!

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