Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ironing? - Time in the Garden? - Tough Choice!

As my title suggests, I did intend to do some ironing, but having wandered into the garden to eat breakfast, surprisingly - the garden won!  Not actually to weed, dig etc., but to brush down and sweep up etc., and this is the result:

As you can see it is 'bijou', more like an outside room which we use loads, but it is south-west facing and I love it!

Here below a few close ups:

Aubretia + Honeysuckle and Lavender on the way.


Climbing Hydrangea - can never remember the real name - can anyone tell me?

Blowsy, beautiful Peonies - correct spelling ??

Self-set Honeysuckle in the lane - clever eh? and it has loads of flowers coming!

Cow Parsley in the lane + a little more Honeysuckle on its way!

And last but not least for today - a view from my bench where I knit, sew, drink cups of tea and coffee and enjoy the odd glass of wine.

Happy Summer  !


  1. Looks lovely. My garden (and just about everything else except maybe cleaning the bathroom/toilet) always wins over the ironing! It must be nice to be able to sit outside under the covered area even when it rains. I love your pretty crimson clematis, very pretty colour.

  2. Hydrangea petiolaris? Love all your knitted cushion covers, by the way:-)