Thursday, 15 March 2012

Loft Clearing

The picture is not pretty, but shows an inkling of the reason I have been silent for several days - my younger son is home for a week and we have been CLEARING OUT THE LOFT!

25 years of mostly debris - it has taken us 4 days, countless trips to the recycling centre and charity shops and the residue is for me to try to sell on ebay.  I can't help thinking this will take quite a time and am really not sure how successful it will be, but I have to say my boys were excellent with their toys - they didn't break things and most items were put away in their original boxes - in fact, more harm has come to them in the loft with fluctuating temperatures and the odd intrusive bird, than happened to them while they were being played with.

It is really hard getting rid of things that contain so many memories, but really we had forgotten so much of what was up there, including so many old clothes - why???

My husband hates to get rid of anything and so he made himself scarce while the carnage was going on, but now it is done I do feel lighter of heart and we really MUST NOT fill it up again!

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