Monday, 19 March 2012


Well, my son has now gone home and I have spent a pleasant afternoon cleaning, photographing and making notes on the Britains toys which were in the loft.  My next job will be to put them on ebay to see if any will sell.

As I was sorting them out, I had many memories of the boys playing for hours with these super little toys and though they are now both 30 odd - it seemed like yesterday that I was stepping very carefully over them spread out on the floor.

When they had train sets out they used to, very thoughtfully make a 'chicaine' in the track in front of the arm chair so that it I wanted to sit - I had somewhere to put my feet without disturbing them!

I am really proud of my boys for really looking after all of their toys and keeping them in such good condition.

Happy days guys.

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  1. The toys are in perfect order! Well done to your boys. Do you not think that one day there will be some grandchildren to enjoy them? But that is the voice of someone who hates to throw away!
    I moved from New Zealand to Australia almost 6 years ago and had a massive throw out/donate to the Op Shop session. All that I brought with me [mainly books] fitted into half a dozen small plastic containers, so why is it I would have almost a container full now!?