Wednesday, 27 March 2013


It has taken me a little while, but after my last post, I have been making my twirl necklaces.  Unfortunately, my photography here is not good, for which I apologise - I think my camera is ageing a bit - like me!  and so I'm not sure which of us is to blame!

However, I am really pleased with my necklaces - the colours are deeper and richer in life and my favourite is this one which is in rich blues and lemon with bright green vintage beads in between.

This is the Blossom which is for those who like gentler hues!

And this is the Rose - again the colours are much richer.

More good news is that I have, this morning, sold the last of my stalls for my next Hand-Crafted Home Fair on Saturday 13 April, and so all we need now is some GOOD WEATHER  !!

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