Monday, 18 February 2013


A little bare, but tidy and hopeful!

Tulips pushing through

More bulbs on the way - and celandines - yes I know they are theoretically a weed/wild flower, 
but in my garden most things are welcome as long as they are pretty - 
and these will be sun on the ground!

Yesterday was Super Sunday - just really because the sun shone, the sky was just a vivid blue and I had my first foray of the year into the garden - and I had great company - 2 Red Kites soaring overhead - round and round and so low - and calling to each other - the sound that spells summer.

I know I mustn't get ahead of myself and the forecast for later in the week is very cold again - 3 degrees on Thursday and Friday and with wind chill - -3 degrees!  OK so we are not thinking about that at the moment!

However, my little courtyard garden was brushed and swept and tidied of things which had accumulated through the winter - new bag of potting compost deposited in its permanent home under the brick barbecue -  very handy, dry and hidden, leaves all swept up and deposited back where they came from - under the trees in the lane, the last of the dead wood taken off the peonies, and the chairs arranged in a friendly manner in case it comes warm enough for a cup of coffee outside!

As I'm sitting here at my computer now, the Red Kites are calling again - heaven  !!!

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