Thursday, 8 November 2012


Here is the next verse in the Janice James Poem


Naked trees, rivers freeze,
Buttered toast, chestnuts roast,
Bonfire Night, wrap up tight,
Trains delay, Poppy Day,
Remember  ........ November.

Why is it that some mornings you feel a whole lot fatter than others?  This morning as I did up my skirt, I'm sure that my tummy was sticking out a lot more than yesterday and so - a walk down the lanes.

We all laugh here as our village sits at the top of a hill and so wherever you go, you always have to climb a hill to get home - and so we should really all be very fit!

A mild, quite dull morning and as I walked down Rectory Lane,  a bright yellow dahlia in bloom in one of the cottage gardens giving a vibrant splash of colour, and then a new house being built as 'infill', and at the moment, I am sorry to say it is looking like a very ugly box - however, we shall see!

A pause to look over the gate across the Glebe Field towards the river where the surrounding fields are quite badly flooded and just three horses grazing silhouetted against the water, and rooks cawing from the trees in the churchyard next door.

Now the climb back up Church Lane to home.  Another house being built as infill on the way.  This one looks a lot more attractive, but will be very hemmed in by other buildings and so I do not think will get much sun - I would hate to live in a dark house - I am even anti heavy curtains at the windows and have never used net or voile curtains in my life!

And so back by the village green and a few people waiting for the weekly bus for a shopping trip to Peterborough, and I am home again where I make a warming bowl of porridge and enjoy that very much before the ironing!

I know there are many ways of making porridge, but my favourite way for one person is

Half a mug of porridge oats brought to the boil in one mug of cold water, stirring continuously, and served with a splash of cold milk and some demerera sugar.  Scrumptious  !!

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