Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Things have been quite busy since my August Fair as my September Fair is sold out, and I am now working on dates for October, November and December.

A lot of admin and meeting old friends and lovely new people who are interested in taking stalls at the Fairs, but also busy making Autumn stock for my own stall.

During the summer I made some Rosette bunting, and so I thought I would have a go at some Autumn Leaves - see above!

I must admit, I do love September, and at the moment it is living up to its expectations with the most gorgeous weather, and the forecast says it will last for some days yet.

There is a subtly different feel to the air in September, and a change in the light - more golden and warm.

Here is one verse of a poem I love by Janice James:

A Year of Verses

Leaf-strewn dells, birds' farewells,
Purple haze, fruity days,
Joy!  Behold, Nature's gold,
Rich, ripe corn, misty morn,
Grateful come, harvest home.

It is not highbrow by any means, but I love all the seasons of the year and this little poem is one I come back to often.

I will try to remember to feature each verse in the relevant month from now on, and hope you all enjoy it too.

On a personal note, I also want to say "Good Luck and Happy Days" to the children on going back to school, this week and next - especially:

Oscar - going back tomorrow,
Louis - on his first day at 'proper' school on Monday
Eva - on her first day at nursery school next Wednesday and
Fin - on his first day tomorrow as well.

Well back to the sock knitting now to get my stall well stocked! 

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