Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Garden Pottering

Now don't laugh - in between the rain at the end of last week, I cleaned out and potted up my pots!  I hope to show you these again when the large blue one is full of poppies, and the smaller one is full of night scented stock!

This one is cornflowers - and the stool is very precious to me.  My Dad who died several years ago now, suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for almost 40 years and before he became totally wheelchair bound, he used to cook meals and this is the stool he sat on to peel potatoes, chop veg, make pastry etc., as he couldn't keep himself upright when standing.  It resided in the garage for a long time, before I resurrected it and painted it blue for the garden - he loved his garden too and it is a lovely reminder of him.

The Acer which lived in a pot for about 8 years was put into the garden the summer before last and it seems to be thriving, even if growing a little lopsided!

The bluebells are really bright and cheery and hopefully the deep red peonies will burst forth soon - I will show you when they do!

My garden is of the small courtyard variety and rather jumbly, but it gets lots of sun to sit in (when it shines) and I love it!

Have a good week.

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  1. I love all your beautiful blue pots and your treasured blue stool that used to belong to your Dad. I look forward to seeing all your plants when they emerge bathed in sunshine! I also love your collection of earthenware pots. My Mum has a collection of these (some filled with various dried grasses and seedheads) as well as stone hot water bottles. She used to use them as door stops and dot them around the house.