Friday, 11 May 2012

2 Weeks to Go

With 2 weeks to go the my Hand-Crafted Home Fair at Aldwincle Village Hall, my mission this weekend is to get as many posters up as I can - and I am boosted by the fact that today, here, the sun is shining - dare I say it?!!

It is quite windy, and clouds keep drifting over, but on the whole - it feels like Spring!

I picked this posy from the garden and the lane outside our house yesterday and rediscovered the oversized blue mug, which I think is just right to set off the bluebells, mint, euphorbia, jack-by-the-hedge (I think), and cow parsley just coming into flower.

Today I have also washed the muslin curtains to bring Summer to the sitting room and this afternoon plan to make cushion covers in some fantastic emerald green and vivid blue floral fabric which I found when we cleared out the loft, pics will follow - and also I have to run up a couple more table cloths for the refreshment tables at the Fair - did I mention that?!! - The Hand Crafted Home Fair at Aldwincle Village Hall on Saturday 26 May - if you are in the area, do come and support all our local and very talented crafters.

I will become quite boring over this, but I am passionate !!!!  Thank you for reading  !!!!!


  1. A spring posy!!! The blue mug sets it off perfectly.
    Its OK to be boring if you are passionate!!! [Psst ... I don't find it boring.]

  2. keep the reminders coming - I have a very short term memory!
    beautiful flowers xx

    1. Thank you. I will keep reminding. Out yesterday putting up posters where ever I can think of - and really hoping we get lots of customers!

  3. A very pretty mug of flowers. Hope all goes well with your preparations.

    1. Thank you. I so hope the fair is a success - the nerves are beginning to kick in!!