Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Little Bit of Farming

I met Richard, a local farmer, in the post office yesterday, while sending off some Britains things which I have successfully sold on ebay following the loft clearout - still a long way to go!

He was telling me that now the grass is growing a bit, he will be turning his cows out into the fields where our most popular walks to the river are - a sure sign of Spring, but he was saying he has already had a crop fail because of the drought and he is worried because we need rain so badly as, apart from the crops not growing as they should, they have put fertiliser on the land, but it will not go into the plants without some moisture and apart from that it will dissipate into the air and so they lose out in two ways.

He has also been helping Norman, a neighbouring farmer with his lambing and so far things are going well - thankfully no sign of Schmallenberg in our area, but he said he hopes the scientists are looking into it behind the scenes as it will not just go away.

A really nice man who is extremely committed and caring of the land and his stock.

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