Thursday, 1 March 2012

Down with Plastic Carrier Bags

Following my slight digression in yesterday's post about my great dislike of plastic carrier bags, I thought I would just take the opportunity to show some of my alternative bags which will be available at the craft fair on Sunday at Stanwick, and some of which can be found on at my Liz Lancaster shop.

The fabric ones are all made from recycled and vintage fabrics and these three are unlined as I wanted them to be fine and light weight enough to be rolled up and carried in a handbag for those odd spur of the moment bits of shopping when you would normally be offered - Oh no - a plastic carrier bag !!

The fourth one is hand knitted in a yarn comprised of 80% cotton and 20% polyester which gives it some stretch and it is constructed in a loose drop stitch which means it will expand as items are put into it.

Aren't they so much prettier and more practical than those HORRIBLE PLASTIC CARRIERS? 

Join me on my mission to oust them from circulation.

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