Thursday, 5 July 2012

Village Life

Parts of our village are very beautiful and other parts are very ordinary, but I have to say it is ALIVE - and today not all villages are!

I popped to the shop yesterday morning to buy a card for little J next door whose 2nd birthday it was, and who did I bump into but J with Mum and Dad, J and R, and they were just off to spend the day at the zoo.

I crossed the road and met up with K, retired landlord of one of the pubs - we are very lucky and still have 2!  He asked how the Fairs are going etc., and then E joined us - she qualified as a butcher and used to work in her Dad's shop in the village and later in her Uncle's shop in a neighbouring village - sadly both are now closed, but she is now in charge of dinners at the school, and she too asked about the Fairs and has suggested I do one at the school - she is going to enquire.

A lady over the road, who I didn't know then called a cheery "Good Morning", and on the way back V was coming the other way having just been into the hairdresser - complete with wet hair and rushing home to wash her hair again to "get rid of the bits."

Later the post lady knocked at the door next door with some presents for J, which I took in and gave to J and R later when they returned home driven back by the rain - to have an indoor picnic!!

It is only a five minute walk there and back to our village shop cum post office, but I have been known to be away for up to an hour, just chatting, or being asked in to a friend's for coffee etc.

I am really thankful that our village has not just become part of the commuter belt, but still has things happening, people about and company to be had.

As I sit here now, with the windows open - (and the sun is shining - shhh!), a couple of cars go by, someone is strimming, pigeons are cooing and the red kites are calling.

I'm off for some lunch now - I wonder who I will see this afternoon!


  1. Exactly as I imagine village life:) Thank you for the glimpse.

    1. I'm really pleased you like it - the photo is quite old, but with the dismal summer we are having - so little sun and so much rain - this is pretty much what it looks like at the moment.

      Our Fete is tomorrow - so wish us luck with the weather!