Friday, 4 May 2012

A Greater Britain

When we cleared out the Loft a while ago, I found this little book which I had forgotten I had.

The above picture is the front cover "The Open Door" and the picture below is the back cover showing that we have stepped out into the beautiful garden.

It is called "The Wings of the Year Booklet" by Nora M Carter, and was obviously produced just after the 1939-45 war.  The whole book is produced in sepia and reading through it really made me think.

The sentiment in the book looks ahead so simply and with great pride.  Below is a piece from it.


The Heart and Soul of Britain

Shall grow finer, greater still,

Because she's won a Victory

The proves her faith and will;

Faith in God and Goodness,

Trust in honour and in Right,

Faith in all the hearts who love her,

In their effort and their might.

Oh, Glorious our Heritage!

Then onward let us stride;

For God has saved our Britain

That she may honour Him with pride;

That Truth, and Strength, and Charity,

Shall ever be the aim

Of the men who share her destiny -


Oh, but that it was this straightforward!

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