Monday, 23 April 2012

Last Week

This post was originally called "This Week", but there was a problem with blogspot and whenever I tried to type I received an error message, but on investigating I found that they knew about it and were trying to sort it out. 

So far, so good today, and so I hope it is fixed - very frustrating when you have thoughts in your head!!

I think we are all agreed that the weather last week was slightly strange - we were really spoilt in March and now the wet, cold, dull days have hit us hard - but I rushed downstairs in the middle of tapping away on the computer a few afternoons ago - this pic was the result and I love it!

I know that to some people, ironing is a real chore, but I must admit, as long as there is not too much, I really find it quite relaxing either on a miserable day with a bit of Classic FM for company or with the back door open and the birds singing on a sunny day.

Here is my laundry kitchen!

and I am really impressed how, quite unintentionally, my laundry all seems to be colour co-ordinated!

I wish I could relay the scent - there is something really special and nostalgic about the scent of fresh laundry - and it was actually enhanced by the wafts coming from the tumble dryer next door - as, of course, it was pouring with rain and so I couldn't do one of my other favourite domestic things - hanging out the washing in the sun!

On my next ironing session, I hope to have the back door open as we have Blackbirds nesting in our very small garden.  Every time I go out of the door Mum flies away, but I hope she will realise that I am really quite friendly!!

Not sure if the young have hatched yet as cannot see into the nest - although I have tried by craning my neck from the landing window!

Puzzle for the day - can you spot the nest below?

Thanks for visiting and Bye for now.



  1. OOh this is quite a challenge!! Is it almost in the centre of the photo?!! I wish you lived nearby - I could lend you my ironing pile!! Take care xx

    1. Excellent - first class pass!!!! Thanks for the offer, but I think I will stick with just mine! I did think of hiring myself out, but I think the novelty would wear off quite quickly!!

      Great to hear from you.


  2. I think I found it! I love your tranquility picture at the top of your blog; it reminds me of the river near where I spent most of my life in NZ. And your glorious rainbow photo!!!!
    I don't mind ironing either but do tend to do it first thing in the morning before the day warms up too much.

  3. We are really lucky - this is the river where we go for walks and the rainbow was taken from my front door - although we have buildings and trees all around us, we are not actually overcrowded.

    Great to hear from you again.