Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Hand Crafted Home

My passion for cushions and throws has returned with a vengeance and this is a piece I completed a week or so ago.

It is called my Seashore Cable Cushion as the colours - turquoise, sand and white are so reminiscent of the coastline,  the cables are like pieces of rope and there is also a stitch which really reminds me of a rope ladder on a boat - the sharks teeth buttons just finish it off.

Here is some more detail:

and a little more:

This with many other items will be for sale at my next Craft Fair at Brigstock Village Hall on Saturday 14th April from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. and also at from my shop - Liz Lancaster.

Do come and have a look.

The sun is shining and the garden and lunch call now!

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  1. Gorgeous cushion. I see that wool made up into a jersey to wear at the seaside as well.
    Thank you for following My Farmer's Wife quilting journey, which at the moment has slowed down to a dawdle!!! I must get into that now that the weather is cooler, though to be honest I suspect the long absence is because the next block on the list has lots of colours and I am having difficulting in deciding colours.